DC United Reaction - Poof Goes the Dilemma!

Well, I guess that answers all the SuperDilemma questions, doesn't it? Unless Houston gets royally hammered by Chivas tonight, SuperLiga 2008 is over for United after they fell 3-2 at home to Atlante. Of course, should Chivas run riot, United may still have something to play for, but at this point, I'd put in whatever scrubs we happen to have healthy on Saturday, maybe give some of the starters and guys regaining fitness some limited minutes, and prepare for the MLS match against Houston on Tuesday. Heck, maybe Houston and Chivas will draw tonight and remove any doubt about our advancing. On to the (mostly miserable) talking points . . .

* After a couple of decent outings at centerback, it all came unglued for Burch this time. Dumb decisions on his part led to the first two Atlante goals. Time to get the scrub defenders some minutes against MLS opposition on Saturday and see who might be ready to step up and play with the big boys, because Burch as the third centerback option isn't filling me with glee.

* What's with the dicking around with the ball at the back and the Latin-style molasses attack? Does the increase in Spanish vocabulary being lobbed about the pitch like so many errant grenadoes bring this out in us? I'm reminded of the common complaint about Premier League sides abandoning their traditional direct, high-octane mentality when playing in European competitions--resorting instead to a patient, "continental" style. Look at the chances that started happening when we abandoned the search for the "perfect" buildup and just went at them.

* Word from the Goffster is that we're looking at an Argentine right mid on trial soon. Great! Fantastic! (mild sarcasm tag here) If he's any good, that let's us push Tino up top to spell Jaime a bit. Doe has found net a couple of times, and looks like he'll be a serviceable backup for Emilio. Heck, maybe the Argie might even bring some speed to the table (we can only hope!). But honestly, is right mid where we need to be focusing out attentions right now? How about a centerback? I wouldn't mind seeing McTavish as depth at a variety of positions (including right mid). And, of course, there's that technicolor elephant floating around the room--we need a keeper with the quality to be a starter in MLS. In case you were even wondering for a second--the list of such keepers does not include Zach Wells.

* Any positives to take from this one? Doe and Emilio got goals. Emilio's was a beauty. Quaranta's back from injury. Too bad he couldn't have gotten healthier just a little more quickly so we could all be spared from the craptastic-ness that is Rod Dyachenko. I love our fans. That's about it.

You know, I'm almost happy that I missed about the opening quarter of this one while I had an intense conversation about gravity with my 5-year-old. It was far more interesting than anything that happened in the little pixelated browser box. Time to bow out of our second international competition of the season and focus on the league and the Open Cup. Here's hoping that Gallardo and Peralta get healthy soon, because the less I see of Burch at centerback, and the less I see of Dyachenko anywhere near the pitch, the better.

Ugh . . . no, scratch that . . . SuperUgh!

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