Quotable - Joe Vide Sets the Bar Low

DC United midfielder Joe Vide in his post-match commentary:
It’s nice when we’re at home and we’re expected to win. We want to be a team that makes it to the playoffs.
What? Revised expectations or clear-headed realism? I've got three possible explanations for this line of thinking.
  1. Clearly, Joe didn't receive his kool-aid ration from the FO, and so doesn't realize that we've assembled a team build for international glory ;-).
  2. Or perhaps injuries and reality have hammered home the point to the FO, and that pessimism is trickling down to the grunts in the trenches. Adiós, massive silverware hauls and domination both foreign and domestic. Hola, lowered expectations.
  3. Or just maybe the lingering stench of MetroBull-failure has yet to clear from his nostrils. Hey, Joe! You're in black and red now, you're supposed to grab the crown and perch it atop your noggin, not just get invited to the party.

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