Sifting the RSS Mountain

Howdy, all!

I've returned from the sea and sun, through seemingly endless construction, toxic highway spills, and poor road signage to confront a mighty RSS backlog and an assemblage of video highlights. I'm sifting through it all and promise a belated Dogpile as well as some reaction to DC roster moves later today or early tomorrow. For now, here's what's jumped out at me from a week's worth of news compressed into an hour or so of review . . .

* Guerrero = good signing. For more than one reason. In fact, I'll devote an entire post to his probable role(s) as I get back into the swing of things. But while I'm really happy with the Guerrero acquisition, I won't be satisfied till United takes some positive action in the goalkeeping department.

* LA's defense got worse? Is that even possible? Jeez, who'd-a-thunk that ditching Abel "Dipped in Molasses" Xavier would make LA's back line even more wretched?

* SuperLiga turns SuperBitter. Man, the old 2-0 border is turning into a war zone, with the Revs-Atlante match descending into barroom brawl territory. I'm going to need this pic of an incredulous Jay Heaps blown up and framed for wall mounting in the Fullback Cave ;-).

* Dallas "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper"? I've got mixed feelings about this one, but in the end, I think that it's probably best for Coop to play out the season with MLS, get a month or so off, then seek his fortune in Europe. Otherwise, he'll end up playing from March through till next May with no break. I'm assuming he'll be in the picture for the Nats in qualifying and the Confederations Cup as well (unless Bradley continues his current idiotic blindness), which would lead to one burned-out forward. Of course, continuing to light up MLS over the next few months should bump his transfer value up, particularly for any side in desperate need of a forward come the winter transfer window.

Alright, that's the quick hits. I'll probably weigh in later today on the Guerrero trade and bring the Dogpile up to date. Stay tuned . . .

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