Tickle v. Tackle - Galactic Implosion

So Alexi and Ruud get the screen-door-hitting-asses treatment in Galaxy-land to a resounding chorus of "Finally" and "What took you so long?" in the futblogosphere. Cue the ambiguity . . .


Lalas' Abomination sure has been fun to watch as they tripped and stumbled their way to somewhere below mediocracy. We all knew this was coming for a while now, and, as far as Alexi's concerned, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving lunatic. He's proven completely incapable of steering MLS franchises, and it's time that he got back to doing what he does best: being a charismatic figurehead for American soccer and saying crazy things in front of a camera. As opposed to say, making nutjob decisions that cost people jobs and money, as well as perhaps torpedoing an entire league's international reputation. We'll miss you, Big Red . . .


But why did it take so long to pull the trigger? When you've got the best American player (and arguably the best player in the league), as well as one of the most high-profile athletes in the world on your team, it's embarrassing for the league to have them stuck with such a lame side. As much as I love to see the Galaxy fail, it can only hurt the league to have them be the public face that MLS shows the world because, let's face it, so many cameras are focused, by default, on Mr. Beckham. Quality players as the focal point of competent teams capable of playing attractive soccer is what is going to raise the international profile of MLS, not superstars shaking their heads in disbelief at the mind-numbing gulf between themselves and the ready, willing, but not quite able cadre of bargain-bin reserves with which they are surrounded.


As much fun as it was to mock the debacle that was Lalas' Abomination, it can only do the league good to get rid of a man who never should have been handed the keys (Lalas) and a man who seemed to have no idea what he was getting himself into in the first place (Gullit). The Galactico model has already been proven a stinker on far more high profile teams wearing white. Trade Ruiz for a couple of competent players, build some depth, bring in a coach that understands the league, and give us a team worthy of the attention that Beckham brings. Heck, do it quick enough, and the playoffs are still easily within reach--three points and you're in, and five and you're suddenly at the top of the Western Conference.

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