New Blood - Out of Africa

The African pipeline has deposited two new arrivals in the bowels of RFK, just in time for a brutal six-week stretch that will severely test United's depth. So what did we add?

Thabiso "Boyzzz" Khumalo
27, forward or right midfielder, reported to be speedy
Remember those roster posts where I was calling for a speedy forward who would give us a sorely missing dimension in the attack and could possibly double as a winger? Well, here ya go! Though I wouldn't expect much from a journeyman USL player whose most recent gig was in USL-2. Still, stranger things have happened, and we sorely need the depth up top and on the wings. Two birds with one stone and all.

Ibrahim Koroma
18, defender
The fact that he's a teenager signed on a developmental deal who will have to adapt to a new country, new league, and new culture argues against his being able to make much of a contribution. Still, he played for his national team in World Cup qualifying at 18, so that's hard to argue with, even if his national team is Sierra Leone. It's difficult to believe that he'll answer the depth problems at the back right now, but if he proves himself over the next couple of months in training and gets a few looks at the senior squad when fixture congestion demands it, perhaps we've got a head start on building up the back line numbers for next year.

We had the roster spots. We have depth issues up top and at the back. We filled the roster spots with players in the positions were we lack numbers. At least the FO is making moves. We could have heard the same old "we're happy with the players we've got" hand-waving denial of reality. Instead, we've got some options. Unproven ones, and ones that may not be around come January, 2009. But options nonetheless.


  1. Despite having never seen him play, right now I'm liking the addition of Boyzzzzzzzz. For one, he will keep Rod Dyachenko off the field as our fourth forward on the depth chart. And also, I feel like it's probably easier to transition from one league to another as a forward than as a defender.

  2. Nice showing for Boyzzzzzzzzz in his debut. Yet still, Rod somehow manages to creep his way onto the field. Time for a therapeutic roar of frustration.

    Oh, and how about the FO finally addressing the depth issues they've been in denial about in defense with three, count them, three developmental bodies at the back?