Protecting the League's Image(s)

What the heck was up with the image-picking hobgoblins in the dank, rat-infested dungeons of MLS HQ this week? Let's take a look at the photos accompanying a couple of match writeups on

Photo #1: MLS Family Fun Night!

Check out the Red Bulls' Designated Player, Juan Pablo Angel, engaging in a bit of leap-frog with Joe Vide--presumably DC United's Desginated Playmate. Seriously, can't MLS's Digital Media Troglodytes dig up some better action shots than that? Now, if the Red Bulls had been victorious and had leap-frogged United in the standings, then the irony would have been delicious. Come to think of it, that's probably what happened. Some creepy little MLS intern is still giggling to himself in the corner, tucking his greasy locks behind equally greasy ears and thinking what a fantastic wit he has, even though the Red Bulls failed to provide the victory that would have floated the joke.

Photo #2: Doctor or Dentist?

Fantastic photo of Espindola enjoying his goal, but am I the only one who's disturbed by Deuchar in this shot? The Goal Doctor is looking more of a Goal Dentist as he stares deep into the Argentine's molars. Of course, you could also claim that he's looking more of a Love Doctor as well, as my first instinct was to flinch away from what looked like a big Scotsman prepped to plant one on his teammate. Yikes!

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  1. Ha! Deuchar's little smirk is totally creepy. Where do they find this stuff?