Random Noise on the Intarweb Radio

Static from the untuned dial on a sullen Friday afternoon . . .

  • The Bearded Bombardier is done for 2008. Duh. In the land of notional great seasons, a healthy Benny reigns supreme. And his beard is luxuriant.
  • Pardon while I prepare to visit said land of imaginary success for United in FM/WSM 2008. Pre-order trigger finger set to stun.
  • Whilst computer-bound, why not visit the Statistical Gardens to get the numbers from USA contra T&T? This just in--Gooch is big and smart. Witness 13 headers and 26 interceptions. He was far and away the leader in both categories.
  • In other news, is it a good thing that Bradley Jr. received the ball 30 more times than Donovan? Though Donovan's team-worst passing percentage (by a country mile) might be a cause for consideration.
  • Also, given the 60/40 possession stat, what's with T&T being in the final third more than us and in the box the same amount? Does that statistic mean possession in those areas or just random long balls dumped into them?
  • And finally on the USMNT front, the Chinger only won three balls with his noggin. RIP the US taking Route One to the target man with the big head?
  • Back to MLS news . . . United kept them on life support for a while, but the Galaxy are pretty much ready for the fork to be stuck in now. Will Becks ever experience the awe-inspiring majesty of the MLS playoffs?
  • Is your series of tubes big enough to hook up to another info-pipe? Check out FootballFilter for all your footie news aggregation needs. As an added bonus, yours truly appears on the blogs page as a featured MLS blog. Cheers, Ben!

Fullback out. Enjoy the weekend's matches.

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