DC United Reaction - Abbreviated Talking Points for the Winning-Impaired

1. We suck.
2. Results elsewhere mean we're still in it, but . . .
3. We suck with an almighty sucking.
4. Does another rash of injuries even matter when we take a 3-0 humping at home in front of nearly 30k and get outshot in "Our House" when our backs are to the playoff wall?
5. Yeah, but technically . . . we're still alive . . . we've got a shot at the postseason, right? Right?
6. Call the scouts back from South America. With two (probably high) first-round picks in the draft, we need to be taking a look at the college ranks this fall. Besides, what exactly are those fantastic Sudamericano imports doing for us at the moment?
7. Cry me a river of MLS roster rules and fixture congestion all you like, but I watched a certain side in orange grab a 4-4 draw in Mexico midweek and follow it up by grabbing a 3-1 result on the road in the league. Also, see #6 above for a second. Quick! How many overpriced Latin imports are hanging about their roster these days?

Three games to go. Three games against numbers one, two, and three in the league. Game over? Miracles sometimes happen, but it's hard to see one happening with this lot.

Ugh (to the one-hundred and seventy-second power) . . .

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