Hammer Time!

When the Bum Hammy Hammer strikes, it strikes hard and without pity. Both of our Brazilians are now feeling the pain with Fred out for the regular season (come on, just say it . . . out for the remainder of the season--the playoffs are a pipe-dream at this point) and Emilio still on the shelf. How long until the announcement that Emilio is done as well? Will we even be left with enough players to field a proper team as we head down the stretch?



  1. On the bright side, this debacle will be over soon.

    On the even brighter side, we have international football to distract ourselves with.

  2. I hope you're not referring to international in the club sense, because those 16 boys down in Costa Rica are going to be lucky not to take a real hiding.

  3. Will we be left with enough players??!!! Thats great! Thanks for the laugh!

    Its almost over and I can't wait! I'm ready for this team to make a 180 next year and kick some butt!