If It's Broke, Don't Bother Fixing It?

Via Goff:
The search for new players is underway. An agent with Central American connections stopped by the ballpark this evening. No names to share, but rest assured, DCU will scan dozens of portfolios the next few months.
Because adding a boatload of foreign "talent" worked so well for us this year, right? Fan-freakin'-tastic! I guess the FO's answer to the failed Sudamericano invasion is to shift their focus a little north.

How about we shift it just a little farther? In case anybody's missed it, we've got five draft picks in 2009, including two each in the first and second rounds. Now, I'm far from thinking that the draft is a gold mine of proven, unmissable talent, but considering the relative "success" of our imports over the last 3-4 years (Filomeno? Donnet? Niell? etc, etc), you'd think we'd pay a little attention to the domestic product this time around.

Chances are, we won't hit a home run with each and every pick, but one or two quality contributors would be nice. Other clubs around the league seem to manage, and what better way is there to build depth at reasonable prices?

Of course, all of that said, I don't mind seeing what's available. I just don't think the reactionary signing of another handful of players who are unproven in MLS and may not be suited to the style of play is not the best way forward.

It's a long off-season. Let the insanity begin.

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