Next Up For Expansion Fever?

How exciting is this weekend going to be in MLS? Every single game has playoff implications, with a few even qualifying as do-or-die scenarios. So while we consider the reduction of the potential playoff field vying for 3 possible slots, let's take a moment to consider the other race that's just been launched after the bids were finalized this week--the race to join the next round of MLS expansion. Seven cities. Two slots. Who will win?

WVHooligan has a pretty decent summary of the contenders, just in case you're not familiar with the men and money behind the bids.

So let's see what you think. Feel free to expound upon your choices in the comments below. I've already got my two picked out, and I'll unveil them (since I know that the Commish and his MLS HQ troglodytes are focused like a laser beam on what I think!) next week after the dust settles on the Dogpile and Table Talk.

Enjoy the weekend's matches!

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