Got That Itch?

A little birdie whispered in my ear about a nice roundup of the sundry ways to watch soccer online over at SoccerLens, including both pay and free options. I'd also lob in the domestic footie grenade that is excellent value at $20 for pretty much everything that's not on ABC, ESPN, HDNet, or FSC.

Those of you with a Jesse James complex or a tight budget might benefit from a visit to MaxXed Football Forums or HPI's torrent tracker (dubious legality, so no direct links, but Google is an able partner in "crime"--or so I've heard). If all else fails, haunting the BigSoccer forum for a team or nation about to kick off a game will often provide the streaming goods.

I've got some other options in my kitbag, but let's just close with a shoutout to actually attending soccer matches, whether they involve internationals, MLS, trips abroad, or your kid's youth side. Tiny windows on stuttering bits and bytes are those hard-to-reach veins that junkies just have to tap. But nothing is better than mainlining the live experience.

Still, if you've got that itch . . .

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