United Rumor Roundup II: Completing the Mystery Triangle

Two weeks on from our last look at the rumors, and still nothing is definite. I haven't seen much more regarding the Honduran forward Walter Martinez, but there does seem to be more steam behind the Osman Chavez to MLS rumors. Note that I said "MLS" and not "DC United." As far as I can tell, we're still the front runners, but there are other horses in the race.

On the current roster front, Namoff still remains the biggest question mark, and while I'm clueless as to Kirk's views on a pay cut, it looks like Peralta is packing his bags for a return to Argentina. That makes our already glaring need at center back into something that requires a tourniquet.

Could the aforementioned Osman Chavez be part of that tourniquet? If so, he's only a part. Where might other help be coming from? The same stories swirling about Chavez also indicate that we're taking a look at two other Hondurans, a defender who played at the Olympics and a winger/forward, both of which do check boxes on the United wishlist.

Also, Goff indicates that a three-way trade between TFC, Dallas, and a mystery team with a surplus veteran left-sided midfielder is in the works. While Aaron nominates Eddie Lewis and LA for the enigmatic third side of the triangle, I'm going to say that we might be in with a shout as well. As it stands, we've got as much need of Gonzalez (and that's who I'm assuming both we and the Gals would be trading up to land) as LA, and we've also got Fred and Guerrero--two veteran left-sided midfielders. Hmmm.

What do you think? Is Chavez plus a first-round draft pick enough to shore up the defense? What about Namoff? If defensive discontinuity killed us last year, should we expect more of the same in 2009? Should we be letting one of Guerrero and Fred go?


  1. Loos like Martinez is on his way and it seems DCU is trying to re-sign Namoff though I don't know why it is taking so long. They just re-signed Quaranta to a new contract, so maybe that was the priority and they are now working McTavish and Burch. Maybe after that, they can devote some attention to their most consistent defender over the last two years. I always liked Eddie Lewis and wouldn't mind seeing him play here; but I don't know if he is worth the price at his age. Would love to see DCU move up to get Gonzalez. Maybe we can pick up Zusi cheaply too. Wouldn't mind seeing what that boot of his can do at the MLS level. Nobody seems to have him on their radar screen though. Some seem to think we are going after another goalie in the draft as well.

  2. I think they should leave Fred and Guerrero because Eddie Lewis is to old and Fred and Guerrero are young they are worth like them

  3. Just to clarify: the triangle deal would involve either LA or DC sending a "veteran left-sided mid" (Lewis/Fred/Guerrero) to Dallas as part of a three-way deal that would bring TFC's #2 pick in the first round to LA or DC. It doesn't in any way involve Lewis ending up here.

    Yeah, Ives seems to think we'll want Frei at GK, but, as far as I know, he'd be counting against our foreign player limit and we just signed Wells to a new deal. So we'd be using a first-round pick on a third-string keeper that precludes signing some other random Honduran? Unlikely.