A Couple of Choice Words

I could resort to a few about now, but I'll resist.

Lovely timing with that last post, eh? You'll note my use of the Canadianism there. Quite appropriate given the signing of Dejan Jakovic, the Canuck-Serbo-Croatian, or whatever he is. While he's not exactly a Mivdun (23 and limited pro experience negates the "v" for "veteran"), a big kid with good feet and some high-level experience who happens to be in the frame for his national team is not a bad grab so late in the game. Now don't overwhelm the kid with friend requests or anything.

I wonder what this means for Peters and Veris, who I thought were both in with a shot at one of the remaining senior roster spots. With a new, big centerback on board, Platter likely to nab one of those spots, and Mediate's versatility in play for the third, the "monsterbacks" may be out of luck. If Danso is ready to sign for developmental chump change, I'd say he's the most likely of the three at the moment.

I'll pump out another "Refining the Roster" at some point this weekend with the new updates, but I'm a little gunshy at the moment. I'm sure you understand.

By the way, in case you missed the fan chat with Kevin Payne, go over and read the transcript. And prepare to scratch your head over such stadium gems as . . .
"plus some more high tech ideas we have, such as lasers and so forth"
Presumably the ill-tempered mutant sea bass will follow shortly.


  1. OK, Midun. I'll give you that. At least thats more high level exposure than we had in a CB. I'm curious how his salary affects the cap, and if we have enough for a mid-summer aquisition if he isn't the real deal.

  2. Excellent observation about the cap situation, jaywag. I'm also curious if the contract is guaranteed. Payne seemed to take pains to point out in the chat on dcunited.com that they were burned by guaranteed contracts last year and were trying to steer clear of them this year.

    If nothing else, at least we're building the depth.

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about his cap number. I doubt he is earning any more than the big contracts we regrettably gave to Martinez and Peralta last year. But the MLS salary cap is so vague and confusing that its hard to tell our situation. We gave raises to Simms, Burch, McTavish, and Namoff, so who knows. I'm just guessing that we can't be worse off than last year, and last year we were able to afford to bring in Crayton mid-season.

  4. I guess we'll find out when Goff links to the salaries pdf. I would tend to agree with you. We've cut a lot of excess baggage, but I wonder if the sum total of the new signings and the bigger wages for the previously bottom-of-the-barrel guys eats into that a bit. The FO seems to indicate that we're avoiding guaranteed contracts, so that should give us transfer window flexibility as well.