Los Pollos Locos?

I've never been prouder to be a Netflix customer. Why? This is why. And fair warning, Benedict Blockbuster Arnold--don't bother trying this one with Honduras when the Hex dials them up as our opposition. I saw my Honduran neighbors putting little red envelopes in their mailbox just a couple of days ago, so clearly you've already lost them.

Hmmm #1. I wonder if this has anything to do with why US fans are being encouraged to wear red? If not . . . Netflix--you listening? Get all over this one, and make it so! I smell opportunity, and it smells like red confetti in the shape of tiny Netflix envelopes being rained down upon the Columbus pitch whenever the US scores.

Hmmm #2. An arrogant former titan of the rental industry fighting a furious rear guard action to stave off the advances of a younger, more forward-looking company that's taking over the joint. Why does that sound like a familiar scenario? Birds of a feather and all that. Los Pollos Locos?

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