Monday Back-Pass: Super What?

So, did you watch the big game yesterday? Packed stadium. Massive occasion. All the big money stars. A last minute victory. The swirling snow . . . what? . . . Oh yeah, I guess there was that other game this weekend, but it was Liverpool-Chelsea that had my attention on Sunday. Still, grand occasions aside, let's begin a bit closer to home.


DC United's roster is approaching a completed state with additions of Roger and Jacobson. One more senior roster spot is up for grabs at the moment, assuming no trades and a healthy Bearded Bombardier. Where does the FO go with that last spot? More defensive help? Speed in attack or out wide? The return of Gomez?

Also take a look at partido dos of Soccernet's series on US youth development. This time the focus is on coaching, though I have to say that this second article doesn't measure up to the first part at all.

And it looks like the Camp Curse hasn't ended with the Sweden match. Holden is going home having banged up his hip. Will there be enough players left standing to face Mexico, or are we going to have to call in C-squaders to supplement the Euro-brigade?


Even if the ref hadn't stepped in to "ruin" the game by showing Lampard a ridiculous red, I think Liverpool would have broken down Chelsea eventually. They were rampant, and deserved having Torres ride to the glorious last-minute rescue. Of course, if you happened to be watching a feed that stayed with the game after the whistle, you would have witnessed a less glorious, though all too common, John Terry bitchfest with the refs.

I have nothing but contempt for this clown. Did you see Lampard after his red? A rueful shake of the head and a disbelieving smile, and he marches off. Terry? In the ref's face, as always, with that pissy-punk snarl that's screaming for a boot to be planted in it. What a complete ass! You know, if ever you doubt the presence of a higher power, be it a Sky Daddy with the big stick, the karma police, or a wide-hipped Earth Mama, go YouTube Terry falling on his derrière as he takes a vital PK in the Champions' League final. Kinda makes you wonder, n'est pas?

Also--sticking with England for a moment--anybody else really excited by the way Dempsey has been playing lately? He's breaking out the trickery again and starting to really play with the fetters off. Here's hoping he can dance through Mexico in a week or so!


If Lio Messi stays healthy, there's no way he's not taking home player of the year honors next time around. Barca were struggling until . . . on comes Messi. Two Messi goals later and they're walking out with all three points (although not until Mexico's Maquez walked off himself, courtesy of a second yellow) . Jeebus! If only the kid could stay healthy for a sustained stretch.

So Becks set the table twice in Milan's 3-0 stuffing of Lazio? Ruh-roh. Quick! Bruce, MLS HQ homunculi, what's Plan B!?

What else caught your eye this weekend? Donovan getting limited minutes in a loss for the supposedly invincible Bayern? Timmy Howard keeping out everything but a PK from the reigning Player of the Year?

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