Pinging the Satellite of Love

How about some quick thoughts . . ?

Escape From LA?

Looks like the Bruce is doing some severe pruning on that tangled mess of a Galaxy roster. Of course, the biggest question marks will be hanging over his current Euro-exiles. Donovan's exclusion from Bayern's Champions' League squad, and said squad's subsequent away hammering of Sporting, would seem to indicate that Der Kapitan Kissypants is on his way back home when the loan ends. That said, I think his return may be short term. If he's really that eager to prove himself on the Euro-stage, a summer departure would seem likely.

And what about that other guy putzing around in Italy? What are the chances he'll be pulling on the Herbalife jersey this spring? A couple of weeks ago, I would have put it close to 5%. I still think a deal will probably get done, but the current silence and rounds of "he said, she said" is a bit strange. Of course, if Golden Balls does return, he'll fit right in with Arena's cast of grizzled 30-somethings.

Oh, Canada?

By now, I'm sure you've seen the numbers from Montreal. 55k packed in a dome. And in true north of the border style, they served up a steaming dish of 2-0 to their Mexican opposition. Impressive stuff. But let's see how the Islanders do tonight, and how Montreal's away leg goes before we start spreading our collective thighs for the wonders of USL1 futbol.

Still, I'll admit to taking no small pleasure in watching Oswaldo Sanchez picking balls out of his net. One does wonder, however, if Sanchez and his amigos have so little respect for the US National Team, what kind of arrogance were Santos carrying into a match against second-division opposition from north of the border?

Minnesota Thunder United?

After last year's United Cast-Off Exodus to Vancouver, it looks like the northern migration of the UCOE will end in the Twin Cities this year, with "Iron" Rod Dyachenko and Quavas "Tiberius" Kirk washing up in Minnesota. Strangely, United have a Thunder player in their own camp (GK Nic Platter) on trial. Possible feedback loop?

Anything else pinging your Satellite of Love? Wonder if it's possible to only hire Rafa Benitez to coach your side in the Champions' League? Think Donovan will last the year in LA? Pulling for the USL sides in CONCACRAP? Wondering if United will sign a centerback before the roster deadline (4 days and counting . . .)? Dreading meeting the Thunder in the USOC and suffering the "wrath" of Iron Rod?

Fire away!

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