Random Pings From The Footiverse

A quick gaze across the vast expanse of the midweek Footiverse reveals . . .
  • Another trialist at DC United's pre-season camp. Another forward? We've already got how many forwards and semi-forwards on the roster at the moment? Excuse me, FO, but this smacks of more death-by-lack-of-defensive-depth. What are we, Real Madrid of the early Naughts? The LA Galaxy? Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, where are the defenders? Wait--don't tell me--you're happy with the depth you've got and you feel that there are guys on the roster ready to "step up" and play significant minutes. Broken record, guys. Broken record.
  • Does anybody really think Beckham will be a Galaxy player come March? Hey, MLS! Go on, take the money and run. He doesn't want to be here. If you love somebody, set them free. How many more song lyrics can I crib?
  • Magic of the Cup? Gosling just turned 19 (love that his Wikipedia page is already updated to reflect the goal!) I wonder what he'll have to do to top that for an emotional high in his playing career. In related news . . . apparently, it's not just ABC/ESPN that hates soccer.
Anything else catch your eye?

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