Random Ankle Hacking

I've got a few idle thoughts pinging around the old noggin, so if you'll forgive this interruption of the MLS preview-fest . . .

When Advertising Turns Ironically Psychic?

Imagine the chuckles that ensued when a Google Ad for Soccer Charge performance supplement popped up in the feed for Soccer By Ives. Considering the ongoing inanity of Jon Conway's Quest For Amnesia!™ that's unfolding over on Ives' ranch, you've got to wonder what sort of eerie consciousness is arising as the Google-bots piece themselves together into Skynet. Ah well, at least our new Google-botian overlords have a sense of humor, right?

The Mothership has Landed!

Go on, explore. It's fun!

USL Fever, Catch It!

Well, holy crap. Now let's see if Puerto Rico can manage not to blow it like their Canadian cousins so spectacularly did in the last round. And do my eyes deceive me? Former United forward Nicholas Addlery's name seems to be popping up on CONCACRAP scoresheets quite a bit for PR. Huh. Who'd a thunk it?

Blood From a Stone?

Twenty? Twenty teams, Don? By 2012? Really? So you've shrunk the rosters to prohibit the development of younger players in the league, many of the better college prospects and journeyman MLS guys you're nickel-diming on contracts are looking for a Euro-payday, and
you're going to nearly double the size of the league over the course of five years? Yeah, good luck with maintaining quality of play in such a shallow talent pool. Better up the international slots, eh? Screw that "developing young US players" angle. There's gold in them thar hills!

What's that, you're abandoning natural grass in soccer-specific stadiums too? Oy vey!


  1. concaCRAP was harsh, but other than that, good one.

  2. To be fair, I generally use CONCACRAP just about as often as CONCACAF, and I only tease because I love ;-).