FBF's United Half-Time Show!

Not a bad first half. We created a handful of good chances and dominated possession. Still, they had their chances on the break and from set pieces. Some things that caught my attention...

* Gomez looks much more dangerous and involved, but his corners are still pretty pedestrian. Also, there were a handful of heavy touches and balls pushed too far ahead while he was on the run. Lack of sharpness or the results of heavy legs from fitness training?

* We're definitely working the flanks, and getting more joy than I thought we might through the middle. Still, we need to get one of these chances in the net before they catch us out.

* How many times has Burch coughed up possession on heavy through balls, ill-conceived cross-field missiles, balls across the center of defense, and weak touches back to Crayton? Terrible. At least Nyassi isn't burning past him with regularity, though that seems more a function of Nyassi dropping back to help Igwe with Wallace.

* Good thing Marrufo's eyes are working just as well as they did in LA in Week 1, or he might have seen that ball hit Namoff's hand, eh? Karma?

* Pontius isn't as involved as I would like, but when he is, his one-touch passing is ridiculously confident and accurate for a rookie. What do they call that? Good soccer brain?

* Olsen's got nothing in the way of acceleration, and that means he misses out on interceptions and challenges that I would really like to see being made in the center of midfield. The good news is that he looks like he's broken out the aviator googles and strapped on the leather cap. Come on, Bearded Bombardier, stick one of those bombs in the upper 90!

* Jakovic's distribution from the back is pretty good. I just wish he had a central defensive partner to cover when his tendency to want too many touches bites him in the arse.

Alright, let's put this one to bed. I just hope we don't try to sit on another one-goal lead if we do manage to stick one in the net. I'll return at the conclusion with some closing thoughts. Assuming, that is, that Jaime's glacial progress across the pitch doesn't put me to sleep ;-).

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