Geographically Challenged

Quiz Time!

Quick, what's the capital of Pennsylvania?

If you said Harrisburg, chances are you might be from the Keystone state, though those of you not from around these parts might be forgiven for thinking otherwise given the dueling "P" cities at either end of the state.

Now, given the gypsy wanderings of my youth, I don't consider myself a native central Pennsylvanian, but this kind of geographical ignorance (or is it arrogance?) pisses me off a bit. What? You didn't spot it? Okay, okay. It's about DC United's very own Bearded Bombardier, Ben Olsen.

Philadelphia born?

Not according to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, which has my back on this one. Olsen was born in Harrisburg and raised in nearby Middletown, PA. For those of you struggling to place Middletown on your mental map, here's a little help.

Yes, yes, Olsen played his youth-club footy for Philadelphia's FC Delco, but I think you'd say it's a bit of a stretch to claim that makes him "Philadelphia-born". Fercrapssakes, look at the freakin' map! You might as well say he was born in Baltimore.

While we're at it, why not hop the river (that would be the Susquehanna for you non-central-Pennsylvanians) and annex Mechanicsburg? Then you could claim Josh Gros is Philadelphia-born too. Heck, Mike Feniger and Derek Potteiger had fairly distinguished USL careers. Maybe you could toss them on the pile as well?

(And yes, I did read the full article, so I know he's only including active players, but if he can ignore 90 miles or so, then I can ignore that minor quibble, eh?)

Rant over. Sorry. Must be the sinuses. Damn spring.

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