Space-Time Continuum Issues in Sweden?

So I'm watching the clip below, waiting to see Charlie Davies' goal, and I can't help but wonder at the quality of the Djurgården keeper. I'm hoping like hell that he's the third stringer, or maybe the goalkeeping coach drafted in as cover for all the injured regulars, because he's downright awful. Slow to react, beaten from a ridiculous angle at both the near and far post, and he might as well buy a ticket the way he reacts to some of those headers.

But to be fair to the dude, I should in all fairness point out that having watched only goal clips from Chicago-KC this weekend, I was ready to proclaim Kevin Hartman a spent force...

...until I saw a couple of the saves he pulled off to keep things level...

So perhaps I'll hold my judgement on the "quality" of keeping that Davies is facing in Sweden. Perhaps I'll reconsider opining that Davies needs to be banging them in against stiffer opposition (in another league mayhap?) before he gets his "regular callup" pass issued by Skeletor Bob. Maybe the Djurgården keeper pulled off some fantastic reaction parries that didn't make the video clip? Maybe the goals only show him at his worst moments in the match? Maybe he was drugged? Or displaced to a dimension that straggles along a half-second behind our own?

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