ESP for FCB?

My daughter may be psychic.

Why's that, you ask? Well, she decided this weekend that she's a Barcelona fan and requires the attendant posters, shirts, miscellaneous merchandise, et cetera that comes with being a fan. And she decided this apropos of nothing. She didn't know about the demolition at the Bernabéu until I showed her the highlights this morning. In fact, she started the "Barcelona this, Barcelona that" kick before that match kicked off. It was only her continuing insistence yesterday on the fact of her fan-hood that made it seem post-rout to me initially.

Of course, she is five, and subject to the fickle winds that blow a five year old's affections, but she did previously identify Barcelona and Arsenal as her two favorites when perusing a shirt catalogue, thus proving her inherent good taste in attacking football.

Or her psychic powers.


  1. Was it the blue and red kit, or the yellow?


  2. Blue and red, though her favorite color is currently orange, and there is an orange training top available. Much cheaper than the replica kits too ;-)