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Bradley calls 24 for the qualifiers, including a couple of guests, one of whom is United's own Luis Robles...oh, yeah, right. Might have been nice for him to follow the Jacobson track back to DC, particularly given our struggles in net, but such are the facts of MLS. About that roster, Bob. Heath freakin' Pearce? Again? Ugh with a capital U.

Not USA!

Former United boss Peter Nowak will be on the other side of the Underby next season as he leaves the USA staff to lead the newly formed Philadelphia Union of MLS. Wonder if they're trying to build Fire 2.0 and get off to a flying start?

HDC Name Change?

So what do you think? In light of the refereeing chicanery that's been going on at the HDC including, but not limited to...Wallace's hand growing out of his thigh, Galindo being a mile offsides, the approximately 800 players sent off in the last two months, and last night's awfulness by Terry Vaughn, might we have to shift from calling it the "Home Depot Center" to "Home of the Dubious Call"?

Pattern Recognition?

Former midfielder of a successful club returns, stylishly-bescruffed, and imposes his brand and passion on said club, leading them from slight doldrums to terrific success. It worked for Barça. Sure, Benny Olsen would need a haircut, somebody to dress him, and a reserve side to play around with for a season, but I wouldn't mind the pattern repeating itself. The question is: how soon?

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  1. Nice observation on HDC. It was a shame to see such a great match between probably the two best teams decided by a terrible penalty call. I wonder what jersey Blanco gave to Vaughn.