Time For A Chang?

This is hugely good news, no? Let's take further solace from Chang's comments, and then focus on the positives...
  • MacFarlane was in it for the real estate deal. Chang is much more of a "soccer guy." I'm under no illusions that he's also not a business guy first and foremost, but from everything I've seen, read, and heard, Chang "gets it." He'll be far less likely to pull the trigger on a move away from DC (note the "under no time pressure" quote from the Goffblog), and he's more likely to find a stadium that's appropriate for the fans and team, given that he won't be concerned about "mixed-use developments" and stapling a hotel on the side of the thing.
  • Not having to target a big swath of real estate potentially opens up new locations and partners for stadium development. There are more spaces we can squeeze into, and the whole project would seem to become cheaper. I would welcome debate on this topic because I freely admit my ignorance here.
  • Do we vault to the head of the "hip owner" table? Sure, Mr. Price is Right has his marching band and scarves, but he's still just a minority partner, while Chang is a 98% owner hanging out in Lot 8 and banging a drum.
And that last part is what gives me hope. Yes, Chang will be more patient in his search and will target a smaller, less ambitious stadium project. But that's not a bad thing. Who would you trust to build a stadium for the supporters and not to prize open random consumers' wallets, Chang or MacFarlane? Who would be more likely to involve those supporters in the stadium-building process? I put it to you that the man at the tailgate would be. And that's a good thing for DC United.

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