United Reaction Addendum | MIA

I only half-recall what it was that I wrote last night in reaction to the 1-1 draw between United and KC (allergies, lack of sleep, take your pick), so I went back and took a look. For the record, here are some things that I inexplicably failed to mention...

* Davy Arnaud. I pegged minimizing Arnaud's threat, particularly from distance, as one of my Keys to the Game in the preview, and it looks like United were thinking much the same. Arnaud was completely MIA. I think I saw one shot from range that was blocked before it threatened Crayton's net. Other than that? Not much. Score one for the good guys and for tactical awareness. Though I don't often give him credit, props to Soehn there.

* Casual Affair. Goff's writeup underscores this one. I remember noting how often you saw players smiling last night. Gomez and Hirsig exchanging friendly Argentine holas as the former entered as a sub. Wolff joking with his teammates after a pretty casual attempt on goal. Helpful hands up after most every foul. At 1-1 in a game that would give the winner an early lead in the conference? In a game that could have boiled out of hand with some of the physical stuff that the ref was letting go? I have no problem with players enjoying the game, but there was a distinct lack of urgency that belied this being a professional athletic contest. Reflective of this lack of passion was KC's tepid attempt at throwing everything forward to win the game at the end. Onalfo was over on the sidelines screaming for his guys to get forward in stoppage time, and yet they still have three back defending and pass two or three times before dropping it to Hartman for the long boot...a long boot that barely clears the center circle.

Alright. Time to put this one to bed and watch it gently fade from memory. Four games unbeaten. Key cogs rested. Time to reveal the pretenders from the frozen white north for the shams they are. The TFC preview will be up late Friday or early Saturday. In the meantime, expect some new FBF Glossary entries...

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