On Cards and Kicking Things

Just a minor curiosity here. I'm watching TFC vs. LA, and Dicchio scored for TFC. Well...he was offsides, but this is MLS. Since when has being offsides been an impediment to scoring? Anyway, the actual referee moment that I'm focused on here isn't the fraudulent goal but Dicchio's "celebration." Clearly frustrated that it took them this long to equalize, or perhaps just because he's an angry, angry man, Dicchio lays into the corner flag, kicking it out onto the field.

Now, at the time of Emilio's ejection on Thursday, I didn't question the red card for Emilio's petulance. But now I'm wondering. Emilio was not involved in the game, kicked some water bottles belonging to his team, and got red carded. Dicchio is playing, kicked a part of the field of play (the corner flag) out of its place and got..?

Nothing. No card. Not even yellow.



  1. Emilio's ejection is listed as having been for "abusive language." I'm not sure what he said or to whom he said it, but that's the official reason for his red card.

  2. He must have used the universal adjective, decipherable to all languages, not just Portuguese or Hispanic..