Phew! | An Abbreviated DCU Match Reaction

I'm not going to do a full match reaction post for DC's 2-0 victory over Ocean City in the Open Cup. Suffice it to say, it wasn't inspiring. A PK goal 15 minutes from time made it 1-0 after Gomez trotted on as a sub to chip N'Silu into space and take the resulting PK after the OC keeper bundled N'Silu. Kocic needed to make a couple of huge saves as OC piled on the late pressure, but in stoppage time, the OC keeper dropped a blast from a dead ball situation and N'Silu pounced on the rebound to make it 2-0. Too close for a match against amateurs, even if it was effectively a reserve team we sent out.

Some quick points to note...

* We're going to miss Jakovic severely while he's on Gold Cup duty. Janicki was getting beaten by school teachers and college kids and his distribution leaves much to be desired.

* Kocic had long stretches of boredom, but made the saves when called upon.

* I wasn't terribly impressed by what N'Silu was bringing to the table. Perhaps another international + senior roster spot waiting to be cleared?

* When Pontius came on, he started creating chances left and right. Doesn't say much for N'Silu + Khumalo up top, though Khumalo had moments of danger on the right flank...

* Speaking of which, how many times was our "buildup" the Burch long ball to Khumalo for the cross in that second half?

* If this is our defensive depth, we're in deep trouble when the injury bugbear comes knocking.

If you want the rest of the gory details and fingernail biting, you can go read the electronic detritus over on Twitter.

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