Random Pings...

As we wait with bated breath for the announcement of the Gold Cup roster at some point today and continue to bask in the glorious 2-0 of yesterday, let's see what stories are pinging the FBF satellite...
  • Kevin Harmse goes back to LA, but this time as a Goat. Hmmm, so which is the more predictable trend here? Is it (1) that Mad Mo continues to wheel and deal, jettisoning dead wood for cap and roster space, or (2) that Chivas just got more Hacktastic!™?
  • It says here that Osorio's continued presence on the Red Bulls' bench is almost as much of a shocker as the US knocking off Spain. After last night's 2-0 loss to TFC, the Bulls are left all alone at the foot of the table, with just two wins and 10 points from 17, yes you read that right, 17 games. That leaves them 9 points shy of the last playoff spot, with the final playoff spot holder having 3 games in hand. Osorio's men caught fire at just the right time last year after backing into the playoffs in the eighth and final position. That's not going to happen this year, despite Osorio's best efforts on the foreign markets. How long can it continue?
  • Did Junior do something naughty after yesterday's miracle? Rumors and allegations abound, but nothing has yet surfaced this morning in the English-language major media.
Time to settle in and wait for that Gold Cup roster. Will United be missing Quaranta in addition to having Canada call up Jakovic? And I know there's been talk that much of the Confed Cup roster won't be called for the Gold Cup, but I'd sure like to see Adu and Torres getting some minutes. Hell, considering Davies lengthy club ban, he should probably be there as well, if only to see how useful he proves against CONCACAF opposition.

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