FBF Glossary: The Phoenix

The people have spoken, Santino Quaranta is...The Phoenix!

Sure, I'll fall back on Q, Q1, or Tino from time to time (old habits die hard), but here on FBF, we've officially designated DC United's (and the USA's!) midfielder/forward "The Phoenix" for his remarkable return from a dark period that nearly ended his soccer career. And what better time to add him to the FBF Glossary than in the wake of what must seem an almost scripted return to the international stage? First game back in the fold and he bangs in the game winner...and in his home stadium to boot!

Brings a tear to this jaded fullback's eye, it does...


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  2. I'll admit to getting a goosebump or two when the Phoenix scored.

    Loved Bretos' call: