More From the Open Cup...

As an addendum to my abbreviated Open Cup reaction post, cut short owing to a lack of visuals, may I present (courtesy of BTB)...

And let us consider for a moment...

* I appreciate some of the things that Fred brings to the party, but for $200k+ shouldn't he be bringing some goals as well?

* The right winger for Harrisburg (#12) looked like an interesting prospect. He doesn't have the most inspiring playing bio, but we've plumbed the depths of USL2 before, and he is still relatively young. Of course, maybe he just looked good by virtue of the fact that he was going against Avery John all night.

* We were damn lucky that all those missed chances didn't come back to burn us, particularly with that one they pinged off the bar in the later stages.

I've got some roster thoughts roiling, so perhaps I'll cook up a batch of What I Want For Christmas (In July) in the next couple of days, seeing as how we're not back in action until the 18th, and the transfer window is swinging open.


  1. #12 wore his pants backwards. I asked a Harrisburg fan if he always did, and the guy said Yup!

    When evaluating him, it's important to remember he was running at Avery John all night.

  2. True about John (and I did note that in the post, though it probably bears repeating), but he also danced past Wallace and Janicki as well and didn't look afraid to (1) run at MLS defenders, (2) break out the flair, and (3) try a shot whenever it presented itself.

    He's 23, has skill, speed, and isn't afraid to fail. We could do worse...

    As for the pants thing...that's disturbing. Perhaps he's a huge Kris Kross fan?