Torrado The Ass

So I'm watching the Costa Rica v. Mexico Gold Cup semifinal (great match so far--both sides attacking), and Mexico fans, being the class act they are, have started launching beverages onto the field in the direction of a Costa Rica player trying to take a corner. Now, I've mentioned before how unimpressed I was with the nasty behavior of the Mexican captain, Gerardo Torrado, both in the Panama match (trying to provoke additional reds and having to have his saner teammates restrain his aggression--this is your captain?) and after it (blaming the refs, the opposition--everybody but his own team) for the resultant fiasco.

But back to the match at hand. So the fans are launching full cups onto the field and some of Mexico's more mature players (Guillermo Franco--note he's an Argentine by birth) are trying to settle the fans. And, as might seem appropriate, the ref goes to the Mexican captain, Torrado, and asks him to go over and try to help calm them. What does this leader of men, this bastion of strength, this paragon of Mexican virtue do? Nada. That's right. He just tells the ref, "Nope, not going to doing it."

What a pathetic prick.

And now Mexico have gone ahead with just minutes to go meaning we'll face them in the final. Expect more prickery. It's going to get ugly, in the stands and on the field, but at least Bob will really learn something about his depth when it comes under heavy fire.

UPDATE: Costa Rica just equalized in the third minute of stoppage time! This is going to get fugly with a capital "fug."

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