Food For Thought (From the Feeds)

Let's take a look at a couple of things that caught my eye while I sifted through my RSS feeds today...

Winds of Change?

It wasn't too long ago that the thought of a USA victory in Azteca would have been unimaginable for the USA, much less for Mexico. But that sort of certainty seems to be fading, at least for Rafa Marquez. Yes, yes, we still have Guardado going Joe Namath, but still...

Don't Call it a Comeback?

FBF favorite Jonathan Wilson takes a look at the return of the 4-4-2 to the top sides in the Prem. You'll note that, outside of some reference to older systems featuring sweepers and wingbacks (5-back sets), the entire discussion of modern tactics revolves around four-back formations, with the midfield and attack being shifted around in front of them. Anybody want to slip this in front of Tommy?

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