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Is anyone going to bet against the Crew retaining the Supporters' Shield at this point? With a game in hand and a three point lead, it's looking like theirs to lose. Below them, the scrum is spacing out a bit, but still holds the potential for major change in these last three weeks. Just six points separate 2nd from 8th, with two of those sides, Chivas and the Revs, having two games in hand on the field. United and TFC have to hope that somebody stumbles to allow them in the back door, while RSL and KC need not only a stumble, but a trip and tumble down the stairs from multiple parties, and Dallas need a miracle. The Quakes and the Bulls may be out of the running, but they sure aren't making things easy on those still in the hunt.

Points per game is pretty cut and dried. The Crew's 1.8 ppg sees them well clear of the 1.4-1.6 ppg pack that hold the playoff spots. DC, TFC, and RSL hover at the margins on 1.3 ppg, while KC and Dallas are only a shade off at 1.2 ppg. Anybody want to take bets on whether the Quakes at 1.0 ppg can make a run to keep themselves out of the Western Conference cellar? No? Well then I'm sure I can't interest you in the Red Bulls, who now find it statistically impossible to finish the season averaging more than a point per game.

Looking for goals? Look no further than FC Dallas. Not only do the Hoops lead the league in scoring at 1.7 goals per game, but they're tied for the worst defensive record with the Quakes, shipping a matching 1.7 goals allowed per game.

If the playoffs were to take place today, you'd have...
Columbus (E1) v. Seattle (W5)
Chicago (E2) v. New England (E3) the East, and...
Houston (W1) v. Chivas (W4)
LA Galaxy (W2) v. Colorado (W3) the West. Sigi versus the Crew? The usual Fire-Revs bloodbath? A Dynamo-Goats defensive stalemate? A Galaxy-Rapids shoot out? Tasty. But still far from being resolved.

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