"Were You Aware Of It?" Sunday | Euro-snobs MIA

Apologies to this guy, but I'm going to steal the "Were You Aware Of It?" format to highlight a few of the stories that are drifting past my desk...monitor...inbox...whatever...

If you've not checked in on the latest poll running at FBF (see the sidebar or the original post), I'll have you know that, as of this writing, almost three-quarters of you, the loyal FBF readers, are either so jaded that you can't imagine Garber & Co. killing the conference structure or (gasp!)...you may actually want to keep it! Add in that 1 in 5 of you either have so little faith in MLS HQ or are so enamored of conferences that you want to double the number, and you've got to wonder where the Euro-snobs are hiding.

Either FBF doesn't attract readers of said persuasion or, as with attending MLS matches, they just (and I'll reach across the pond for this in a Christian Miles-esque manner) "can't be arsed" to vote. Where are you, SingleTable-ists?


  1. Hi, I'm Adam, and I'm a single tablista. ("Hi, Adam!") I voted in a poll last week, and I now realize I'm a realist. Although I deeply want a true single table when MLS goes to its balanced schedule next year, I can't let myself believe for a second that it'll actually happen. I just can't allow myself to be hurt again. But I'm trying, I really, really am. Thanks for letting me share.

  2. Admitting your powerlessness in the face of a problem is the first step.

    And I'm right there with you.