Casey At the Bat?

I'm just going to throw this out there now that we're qualified for South Africa. Yes, we've a ways to go until roster-deadline day, but at this point, how many forwards do you think Bob takes? Given his previous selection pattern and the "tweener" status of Donovan and Dempsey, I think he takes three "pure" forwards.

Altidore and Davies are probably automatic at this point, but who's your #3? Ching is consistent and a hard worker, gives you a target option, but doesn't produce much. Cooper is big but doesn't play that way, drifts wide, and probably wants too much freedom for a Bradley team.

Could Conor Casey get the call based upon one decent 20 minute stretch that saw him net two goals, one with his shoulder, or does the flavor of the month hype wear off before May, 2010?


  1. Bradley does show patience and with Casey it finally paid off. That said, I think Bradley takes four guys up top - Davies, Altidore, Ching and Casey or Cooper with Casey now having the clear advantage. Ching is just such a good soldier and hard worker. He also brings two other attributes -- veteran leadership and the fact that Altidore, Davies and Donovan like to play off off of him (I'm not sure what Dempsey thinks about him - he tends to stay quiet and look surly no matter what the setup). If it comes down to three, it will be close between Ching and Casey, but I think it would be Ching. Of course injuries and playing time issues will factor in as will the final camp.

  2. maybe Casey is a better finisher than Ching but i don't like the way he plays, he doesn't hustle, he doesn't play defense or hold up the ball as well as Ching does. but it's probly a moot point because i think our 3 best forwards are Altidore, Davies and Dempsey with Holden on the wing anyway...

  3. The reason I brought it up is that the clearest indications we have of Bob's tournament roster thinking are what he put together for the Confederations Cup and Gold Cup.

    Gold Cup: Ching, Davies, and Cooper as pure forwards, with Quaranta, Adu, and Arnaud as midfielder/forwards (only Quaranta was listed as a forward)

    Confed Cup: Donovan was listed as the fourth forward, but Dempsey, listed as a midfielder, picked up more minutes up top. The three forwards besides Donovan? Altidore, Davies, and Casey.

    For what it's worth, I don't rate Casey that highly. The trouble is, I think Bob does. And you know how he gets with "his guys." Sadly, two goals in a crucial road qualifier erases a lot of lazy, hapless outings from the old memory banks...