Seriously? Part II

D.C. United has engaged in serious talks with a Virginia jurisdiction about a new stadium, club president Kevin Payne told the Insider. He declined to identify the city or county but said -- no surprise -- that the stadium site would be outside the Capital Beltway.
Ignoring the ridiculous nature of the continued cloak-and-dagger nonsense with the rumors and innuendo and shadow-chasing...My current commute is already almost three hours from my mountain hideaway in central PA. Virginia? Ugh. By contrast, I can make it to Chester in about an hour and a half. Too bad United will only have one away game there each year...


  1. My guess is near Tyson's. That was the rumor a while back when the last "team stadium fan survey" was making the rounds. Hey, by the time a stadium gets built, maybe the Silver Line will be there, too...


  2. The majority of the fan base (like myself) is in Northern VA.

    Frankly, most places in Northern VA would take less time to commute to than downtown DC (from PA).

    However, no place even close to the Beltway would be in consideration, because land in VA is WAY too expensive. Any talk of VA just smacks of smokescreen.

  3. then go to chester... jesus. Most of Uniteds fan base is in va anyway.

  4. Hey, Chris, chill out.

    I was posting more from self-pity than anger, excepting of course the anger that any United fan would feel having been jerked around by stadium shadow-chasing for lo these many years.

    I'm not saying a VA stadium would make me a Union fan or anything of that sort. In fact, I'll be ecstatic if United gets a deal for its own stadium in the DC area. I'm just saying that it makes the commute to games less workable for me than catching away games in Chester.