A moment of silence. The Bearded Bombardier is hanging them up.

It's not a huge surprise given that we could all see his body struggling to keep up with what his spirit wanted it to do, but it's still a sad day for all in United-land.

Tributes by BDR and the Curmudgeon. Not much more I can add, but since I don't know when to stop typing...

Of course you'll note that Olsen, a team player to the end, managed to make the decision before the expansion draft, thus freeing up one more slot to protect the future of the club.

Here's hoping that he plays a role in shaping that future. What better assistant for the new man in charge than a fiery, inspirational competitor with a deep knowledge of the squad?


  1. A man who overcame every physical obstacle and career plot twist, who poured his soul into his work and scorned all thoughts of retreat or surrender. The man who ran with the best of them in his prime, then out thought and out fought them again in his autumn days. Scoring goals, roaring on the pitch, a lion of a man. He will be greatly missed, feared, and respected as long as DC United stands. Farewell, Benny.