The List is Life Reprise

United's protected list for the expansion draft is out (via BTB):
Marc Burch, Fred, Dejan Jakovic, Julius James, Jaime Moreno, Bryan Namoff, Chris Pontius, Santino Quaranta, Clyde Simms, Danny Szetela, Rodney Wallace

Looks pretty similar to the list I compiled last week, with a couple of notable exceptions:
  1. Swapping Wallace in for Olsen. I suspected that Wallace would be graduating from GenAd, thus forcing us to protect him, but I had figured it would be at the expense of one of the "bubble boys" filling out the list. Olsen's retirement changed all that, allowing a straight swap of Wallace for Olsen on the list.
  2. Burch got the FO's nod from the "bubble boy" list (McTavish, Jacobson, Burch, Vaughn). There wasn't much among these guys for my money, but I figured Jacobson would be an easy choice given the departure of Olsen. Hmmm. Wonder if the future coach would have had the same opinion?
So now that we have the list of those exposed, who do we expect to see heading to Philly? My money would be on Vaughn, Jacobson, or McTavish as I don't see Nowak wasting picks on unproven internationals, USL-2/PDL imports, or old guys with bloated salaries. I'd lump Wicks in there as well, but I think his current injury status makes him unattractive (there's a real softball if anybody wants to take a cut at it in the comments ;-).

Let the waiting begin...


  1. He might risk a pick on Barklage.

  2. Possibly. But keep in mind that he'd have to be willing to offer him a senior roster contract as well (a condition of drafting a developmental player).

    Tough to see Nowak taking a risk on a guy coming off a long-term injury with extremely limited league experience. He's going to want more from his 10 picks.

  3. Amen.... I actually don't think we will lose anyone... much like last year... when we all panicked that we were gonna lose Francis Doe or Joe Vide... and looked what happened to them anyway this year? Actually... I kinda want them both back now... even if they were NYRB castoffs..