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Sadly, my viewing of the semi-final matches was limited this weekend. I planned to watch the Galaxy-Dynamo match before hitting the road Saturday morning, but the delayed kickoff and power outages meant I only caught the first half before hitting the sack. So instead of focusing on the matches themselves, I'd like to address a few related points.

(1) What's the general feeling about one-offs versus two-leg ties? Sure, we were treated to a couple of scoreless stalemates in regulation for the semifinals, but that didn't mean that they were dull defense-fests. I think I prefer the single-game elimination for drama of the occasion and avoiding the caginess of some teams in the first leg of a home-and-away.

(2) As for the whole ridiculous scheduling/power issues of the Galaxy-Dynamo semifinal, Bill Archer's already done it.

(3) For those who doubt the power of Golden Balls, the Galaxy making the MLS Cup final has already gotten the league mentioned in a handful of international sources I check regularly that rarely even deign to mention MLS.

Predictions for the final?

I don't think, given my miserable record in calling the playoffs thus far, that you should put any stock in what I think will happen. But that said, I really should make a call, right? Arena's the better coach. Donovan is the best player in the league. Given one game, I expect those factors to make the difference. Galaxy 2-1.

Never thought I'd be writing that when this whole mess got rolling back in the spring...

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