Own Goals Galore

Okay, so let me get this straight...the DC United front office has apparently told some of the interested parties in the great managerial shuffle to move on because their dance card only has two names remaining: Curt Onalfo and Caleb Porter. You know that Porter isn't going to talk to you until the college season ends. Akron's season ended Sunday, and the FO are...out of town?



And speaking of own goals, Hannover 96 (no sympathy for the suffering, eh?) managed to stick three in their own net, including a couple of quality finishes from defenders. Kinda makes me feel a little better about the defensive woes of my DCU|FM Challenge squad (Jakovic pulled something similar with a neat, near-post backpass gone awry) and the "real" United's struggles at the back.

Oh, and Junior got a goal for the opposition as well...

Finally, I'm hoping I didn't stick one in my own net with my first American soccer roundup over at Albion Road.


  1. The impression that I got from Goff's statements was that Kasper was "out of town" interviewing Porter.

    At least that is where I hope he is. Why the secrecy then? Maybe he took Porter down to Argentina to look over our next worthless, overpriced foreign acquisition?

  2. Hmmm...you may have something there.

    Guess I'm just a bid jaded about the FO, eh?