Sneak Peek

Following on from yesterday's discussion of how we're lining up this year, we now have some (admittedly truncated, from early in the match, and not particularly high quality) video evidence. Head on over to Behind the Badge to watch or just plow on ahead with what I took from the video.

As I speculated yesterday, we look to be playing 4-1-3-2 with Castillo-Quaranta-Barklage a narrow midfield trio playing ahead of a dedicated d-mid (Morsink). The width is being provided primarily by forwards and overlapping fullbacks, and Moreno and Quaranta both seem to have license to roam: Moreno often dropping deep to find the ball or cover Quaranta as the latter makes runs into the forward space. I'm assuming we'll play a bit wider at home or against less technical opposition.

Defensively, the formation looked compact and organized. A few balls over the top caused moments of danger, but I would expect that from a mix-and-match back line without any playing experience together. On the attacking side of the ball, United didn't seem to be moving the ball particularly quickly or effectively, but I'll chalk that up to (1) pre-season and (2) this being the early moments of the game.

Corner kick goal? Looks like Castillo will be contributing on set pieces as well.

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