ROFL Cause It Hurts Too Much to Cry

Lest you think the delusion parade has been cancelled by the FO, I bring you...

We know we are 0-4; we're not an 0-4 team. 
Um...yes. Yes you are. You've assembled a toothless attack, can't keep the team healthy, and assigned a semi-competent manager who can't organize a defense to steer the ship. When your only two goals have come via gifts from the expansion team, you haven't let in less than two in any game (including three against the aforementioned expansion team that doesn't seem to boast much of an attack), and you have not a point on the season, I think the evidence is fairly obvious.
We will look to strengthen the side, but at the same time, we believe in the players who are here.
So...which is it? And if it really is the latter, I have to say: (1) not surprised given your track record and (2) are you freakin' blind? There are bigger holes in this roster than injury alone can account for.
The next transfer window is in July; that's the first time to go out and get international players, so we have players that we have had our eyes on, continue to track and something that we will spend a lot of time with in the next several months.
Pardon my skepticism, but your acquisitions haven't exactly been blowing the doors off of late. I eagerly anticipate our new 38 year-old playmaker from the depths of the Scottish third division. I'm sure he'll light things up for 30 minutes until the Bum Hammy Hammer gets him. Speaking of which...
We have had a history of hamstrings.
Ya think? You ever know...maybe that signals that something might be wrong with the fitness staff?
I think Curt has done a good job. He has been hamstrung with missing big pieces
First of all...pass me some of what you're smoking, must be some quality stuff. And second...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! "Hamstrung"? Oh, that's rich. Irony, thy name is Kasper. Oh, and third, injury alone doesn't explain the "big pieces" Onalfo is missing. Not that it would matter, in my opinion, but you didn't exactly give him a full deck to work with.

And how about the man with the plan himself? Problems with mood and morale?
No. It's not even a concern.
Dude, I know I'm not in the locker room with the guys like you are, but give me a freakin' break! Did you see the looks on your guys' faces as Chicago rolled them over last time out? Which step is "denial" again?
You guys in the press are going to make it out to be the absolute worst and it's only going to have to make us be stronger. I will confront whatever gets thrown our way and we will find a way to get better.'s not just the press, Curt. Good luck with finding your "way" (you're going to need it).


  1. Now I don’t want to go on a rant here but the fullback has lofted a slow arching ball into the box that begs to be one timed into the net…
    This response goes hand in hand with my last post regarding blind loyalty to a team that trades on its past. Note to DCU front office: The past is the past and all those memories of being a great team are important but it is now time to create new winning memories. Two years in a row the marketing department has come up with slogans that literally expose the weakness of the team. Last year it was "We win Trophies. We won none! This year it is "It Takes More". Evidentially the FO missed that memo and decided to insert "It takes what we have" cause we aren’t getting anymore.
    I’m still going to go to EVERY game and will continue to root for my team but I want to see a change ASAP!

  2. There's not losing your cool and there's denial. I think our coach and GM are in denial; otherwise Kasper wouldn't even be available for comments because he's scouring South America for the next generation of players who will make all the difference; and not just sitting back and hearing Jaime has a friend who might be available or noticing some Australian guy because he happens to be at a FIFA conference in the UAE. If you say you're working 24/7 it has to looka lot different than 8/5.

  3. "and not just sitting back and hearing Jaime has a friend who might be available or noticing some Australian guy because he happens to be at a FIFA conference in the UAE"

    ...or looking to sign the younger brother of a guy you traded away, along with cash and a first round draft pick.


  4. Well it seems that DC fans are IDing the problem within DC. It's the front office who are clearly clueless and blind and if you ask me, bitter! Payne??? Why is he still DC's GM??? Look, Payne thank you for making me a DC fan for life, but your holding United Back! Your past glories don't mean anything now!!!

  5. Total cross blog pimp but we at MLS Rumors Rumors may have discovered the plan for the season...

    Scary how much it makes sense...