FBF Goes Millennial!

Holy crap!

1,000 posts? And to think I just started this thing three years ago because I was tired of the glazed stares of family and friends and the despairing smiles of those who expressed marginal interest in the game and suddenly found their ears all but chewed off by rabid Yours Truly.

Tough to party though when Wednesday are relegated and United probably would be if said institution existed here in the US of A. Oy freakin' vey. Wouldn't want Payne as the captain of my ship. First sign of a berg in the waters ahead, and he's in a lifeboat having slashed all the others for good measure...

At least he seems to have figured out that maybe his roster isn't so hot.
"There is a point with certain players which you have to say, 'Maybe this is it, maybe this is what we are going to get and maybe it's not as good as we think it is.' "


  1. Congrats on hitting 1000 Michael. Here's hoping for a 1000 more!

  2. What, you don't bore them now with how they should be reading your blog? I know that I totally bore my friends with that...

    Congratulations on 1,000 from all of us over at MLS Rumors Rumors.

  3. Speak for yourself Revelation. We must crush all other blogs before us... and we're not doing so well.

  4. Great blog, Mike - way to stay with it. You've never made it seem like a grind, either. Awesome!

    Here's to hoping the rest of the season (coming soon: Gaffer Benny Olsen!) is better in DC than the first 5 games have been.

    Seriously, do Payne's comments signal the sunset of the Onalfo era? Hard to argue with the idea, but also hard not to have some issue with the way this is being handled. Fire the lot and start over.