Packing Tips for Bornstein

So I only caught the second half of last night's 4-2 loss by the US scrubs against the Czechs, but that was more than enough to see that Heath Pearce needs to be on a bus back to Dallas, post-haste. Dude watched one goal with his hand in the air and another from his backside and probably completed more passes to guys in red than guys in white.

But what to do about that problematic left back spot? I don't know what the other members of our group are bringing on the right flank, but England is just about as packed as can be with flying right wingers.

The options?

Well, you could play Spector there; he did spend a good many minutes playing left back for West Ham this season. That said, from what I saw he wasn't particularly inspiring. Nevertheless, he'll at least know what to expect against the Fabio's boys and have experience playing against them.

Bocanegra? Assuming he's healthy, he might be my number one choice, but, sad to say, after what little I saw from Gooch last night, he'll probably be needed more in the middle.

But of course, all of this discussion is just wasted blather, isn't it? You and I both know that come June 12th, Bornstein is getting the call from Bob. No worries that he's just about capable of mixing it up with the "Giants of CONCACAF." No worries about that deer-in-the-headlights outing against Robben a few months back.

I just hope he packs an extra jock or two before he boards the flight to South Africa; I have a feeling he's going to leaving a few on the field.


  1. If you'd caught the first half, you'd know that, as bad as Pearce was, Bornstein was equally bad. We're going to be roasted on the left.

    If I were Bob (and assuming health for the following), I'd be starting Spector-Bocanegra-Demerit-Dolo or Bocanegra-Goodson-Demerit-Dolo (yes, Bornstein and Pierce were so bad that I would think about starting Clarence Goodson in the World Cup).

    Definite pluses, though: the backup wide midfielders (Beasley, Holden, even Rogers to some degree, though he's not going) looked pretty good -- for me Holden was our best player, Edu and Torres looked competent, and Ching was tidy and efficient (I'll be surprised if he doesn't start a game).

  2. I'd agree with Rob than Bornstein looked awful. If I'm the coach of England, Slovenia, and Algeria, my first plan of attack is move everything up the right wing and attack on the dribble. That will draw one of the central defenders out there for the cover and leave acres of space in the center of the pitch for a speedy forward to maneuver.

  3. Pearce is done and Bornstein gets to come because there is on one else...but given how exposed he left the left flank, I believe that Bob will turn to Spector. FB is right. Spector did not have a tremendous year on the left flank for West Ham, but he is fit (which Bocanegra might not be coming off of hernia surgery) and much better than Bornstein. Cherundholo played well on the right last night and had good chemistry with Holden, so I would rather see him start there.

    We need the experience to settle a line that is not as set as we believed only a year ago.

  4. Edgar Castillo would have solved this problem! And Ching didnt even make the roster rob.. very surprising

  5. Wait! Edgar Castillo? I thought we needed defenders?

    (buh-dum-dum...I'll be here all week...try the veal!)

    In other news...Findley making the roster is pathetic.