What the Hell Did I Just Watch?

I'm tempted to try a match reaction post for DC's sad, sad loss to Dallas. I think that maybe, just maybe, I could crawl out of this pit of misery to offer a few words, maybe not of hope, maybe not of explanation, but perhaps of consolation. But what would be the point? I try my best in those posts to outline what I saw from a soccer standpoint. Sometimes you agree with me, sometimes you don't. That's cool. I like that the game lends itself to different interpretations and sparks discussion.

But the hour or so of the match that I did get to see (did MLS put Onalfo in charge of Matchday Live streaming?) didn't contain a whole lot of soccer, at least by my definition. What I saw was a lot of guys racing about, throwing themselves into challenges, getting stretched out of any semblance of shape. I saw the ball given away in every manner that it can be. I saw violence and retribution, huffing and puffing, and precious little quality. I can go out to the park tomorrow and see that.

I wish I had something else to offer, but I don't. This is a pathetic excuse for a team, and an even more pathetic excuse for a front office. Folks ought to be falling on their swords left and right, but are they? Nope. They're tossing players under the bus, throwing up a Benny-shaped shield, kicking a club legend in the teeth, and pretty much pissing all over the trophy case while prattling on about "tradition" and "fighting for the shirt."

I'm tired. I'm disgusted. It's August, and I'm tempted to start a post series on who goes on the protected list for the expansion draft this offseason...

But what would be the point?


  1. Can't argue. I may or may not post about it tomorrow, maybe I'll be less angry, maybe I'll drop an incipient, unevidenced, and insane conspiracy theory (Why was Jaime Moreno not in that game, while Adam Cristman was? Right now, I'm blaming sinister forces.). Maybe not.

    But it wasn't any more fun standing in 232 than it probably was seeing part of the Onalfoed Web feed. And I sure didn't see anything different from what you did, although big props to Abbey Okulaja for screwing the other team worse than he screwed us for a change. What a take-home, huh?

  2. Not sure what part of the match you got to see. Up until the first goal, I thought they looked pretty good. If Quaranta's touch hadn't been so horrible all night, they probably would have scored.

    After the goal, I agree with you completely.

  3. The feed came up after the first goal, so you may be right. Still, that's little excuse for the abomination that followed.

  4. Really, there are people you want to protect on this team not named Najar?

    Frankly, while I think there are some useful players on the team (if they had better players around them to carry the load), I'm pretty much done believing that anyone should be retained in the expansion draft. I guess I'll keep Najar, Pontius, Jakovic, and Simms.

  5. Anyone else holding out hope against hope that we actually score a goal before the end of the season?

  6. Assuming the rules stay the same, Najar will be automatically protected because of his "home grown" status. ;-P

    Pontius and Jakovic? Sure, I'd protect them. Simms? Not so much...