Poll Time

So no match reaction this week, though I encourage you to read back through the last few, as they're pretty much all of a feather. Witness: lots of hustle, reasonable in the defensive third, reasonable in the middle third, dumb mistake(s), completely toothless in attack. That about sum it up for you?

Anyway, the point of this post is to look forward rather than back, and it's really come out of my looking at the roster and wondering where to go from here. First step, of course, is to identify what can be recycled into a more attractive and winning product next year. But damned if I'm having a tough time of it.

Which is where you come in. I'm going to make a big roster list. You tick the little box if you think they deserve to be around in 2011. Tick as many (or as few) as you like. Simple, right? Spread the word via whatever means are at your disposal (twitter, word of mouth, facebook, forums, etc.), and let's get an honest picture of what we (admittedly the unwashed internet masses without a precious clue...according to some ;-) think.

Some of you may notice that I've left out coaching staff, and it's probably reasonable to ask why. Simple. I'm going to be conducting a series of more focused polls in the coming weeks where said folks come into question, most notably the trainers and fitness/conditioning folks. Mostly, I've chosen players for this initial poll just to get a broad picture of where the fan-thinking is at. Why include Kasper & Payne then? Let's just say I'm interested in seeing if anybody does support their reign. Remember, you've got your Internet Anonymity Cloaking Device activated so be honest please...

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  1. I like this and the planned feature on the coaching situation. It might also be fun to do some crowd sourcing on which players we might want to see come to the team if we could get them, more as a gauge of the type of player we feel we need than as an actual wish list. i.e. what could we get for Branko's salary or Emilio's DP salary or even Guardado's DP salary if we thought Will Chang was willing to throw more money at the problem?