Nomination Time

Sadly, DC United is smack dab in the middle of the same quag they were mired in last year, and it falls to me, your humble blogging buddy, to fire up the machinery of the Next Coach Cup for the second year running. Starting next Monday, we'll start voting potential bosses off the island, but I need your help.

"How can I help?" you ask?

I need nominations. Send me your candidate (or candidates — your list can be as long as you need) for the vacant hot seat on the United bench. You can send me who you actually want to be the boss, who might be a decent boss, who's worth a flier, who will piss off the most people by being included in the cup, or anybody you consider to have even the most marginal shot at the job. I'll collect the nominations and fill out the brackets for the cup all week. As I said, I want to get this puppy rolling next Monday, so nominations will be accepted until the evening of Sunday, October 31 (no nominations of dead candidates will be allowed, date be damned!).

You can submit your list in any of the following ways.
  1. Olde School. Email your list to fullbackfiles at gmail dot com.
  2. Blog Fundamentalist. Drop your list in the comments section of this post.
  3. New Media Maven. DM or tweet @mshund on Twitter. 
Evangalism is encouraged. Use the hash tag #NextCoachCup in your Twitter submission and/or spread links to this post liberally around your corner of the web and get others involved.

If you see a name already mentioned that you want to include on your list, please do so. I'm going to be weighting the draw for the cup based upon how many nominations each candidate receives.

So get those thinking caps on and start firing off the submissions. And thanks.


  1. Caleb Porter. I know he turned DC down last year; based on the season he's gone on to have, and the season United have put together, his perceived value has roughly quintupled.

    And, as BlckDgRd is saying over at his place, the front office needs mass firings. Maybe someone as shrewd as Porter now seems to be could convince Chang to cull Payne/Kasper/Ashton.

  2. Great idea, fullback.
    -Sasho Cirovski
    -Ben Olsen
    Other serious nominations:
    -Marco Etcheverry/Jaime Moreno/Ben Olsen (combination tandem)
    -Chest Rockwell
    -Jose Mourinho

  3. A decent start. If you need a refresher course in some of last year's crop of names, just click on that "Next Coach Cup" tag/label under the post and have a gander at how the 2009 edition went...

  4. Earnie Stewart
    Dennis Hamlet
    Thomas Dooley
    Ritchie Williams
    John Maesssner
    Marco Etcheverry
    John Harkes(yikes!)
    Chad Ashton(yikes!!!)
    Curt Onalfo (yikes!!!!!!!!!!)