Now I can understand Jaime getting the sympathy vote and pulling a quarter of the Goal of the Year voting (when this post went live) despite Najar's Open Cup overtime goal against RSL being the obvious choice. That's a given considering external circumstances. But how in the hell is Najar only getting 40% of the Fan's Choice vote? True, there are only three players (at the time of this post) pulling over 10%, but the others are (drumroll, please): Jed Zayner (11%), who only joined us mid-summer, and Kurt freakin' Morsink (27%)?


Who the hell is voting in these things? I mean, Morsink's attitude and fire are commendable, if sometimes bordering on the ridiculous, but in terms of making an impression and having an impact, I can't see how Najar isn't your man. The only one I'd rate as even being close would be Julius James, who really stepped up his game this year. Yet somehow, the voting public puts him at a lowly 2%, below Devon McTavish.


Another big fail for the internets. No wonder Payne isn't worried about accountability.

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