DC United Next Coach Cup | Quarterfinals

The original field of 34 is now down to 8 as the group stage and first round of knockout matches are in the books. Just one of the matches went to penalties, with Twitter breaking the deadlock (what, you're not following me?) to send Earnie Stewart through to the quarters and end the run of dark horse candidate Wilmer Cabrera. Predictably, the "high seeds" have generally held serve to this point, but it's going to get particularly interesting as they start to meet each other. And so...

Power up the democracy engines. You have two days to send your candidates through to the final four, which I'll start the polls for on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.


  1. Ben Olsen is gonna win. No DCU fan is gonna vote against him

  2. I voted for Ben over Sasho Cirovski, but really, isn't it ridiculous to think that at this moment in time Cirovski isn't the far superior coach?

  3. @Anon numero dos
    The question is whether Cirovski would understand (and be able to motivate/manage) professionals as well as he does college players. I think there's little doubt about Benny on this score, and it is one of the core competencies of a successful professional manager.

    @Anon numero uno
    Apparently a few already have (and please don't get into a tiresome "real fan" debate; there's always room for disagreement — national political debate be damned). It all boils down to whether you want to roll the dice and hope for success in the Kreis vein or take a more measured approach and groom Benny under a more experienced tactician/man manager. I think both are potentially valid approaches. A more true statement would be "No DCU fan wants Benny to leave this organization."

  4. @Fullback Agreed. I would HATE to see Olsen coach anywhere else. We just want Olsen to return on horseback and restore the DCU empire. Though I dont see that happening for a while